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Staff in both Student Financial & Travel Support and Health and Wellbeing work closely in supporting students to succeed and achieve.

Student Travel & Finance:
The student Travel and Finance team manage bus pass application process, ordering bus passes and the administration of this. The team also support students who receive Financial support with College items such as uniforms, DBS application fees & UCAS application fees. Discretionary applications are managed jointly with Student Travel & Finance & Health & Well-being.

Student Travel & Finance can give advice on:

  • Travelling to and from College
  • Bus Passes and Travel Expenses
  • Free Student Meals
  • Financial Support with Childcare
  • Vulnerable Bursary
  • Financial Assistance Scheme

For more information visit the Student Finance & Travel Support Page by Clicking Here

Health and Well-being:

Students Health & Well-being is an essential aspect of their attendance at College. There are a wide range of issues members of staff with Health & Wellbeing support students during their time with us. We are a very supportive team who work closely with all staff within the College to provide the best outcome for students.

Safeguarding concerns are dealt with immediately in a professional way working together with outside agencies such as the police and Childrens services. All Child Protection meetings will be supported by a senior member of the team if attendance is required.

Health issues are supported by two trained nurses to ensure students with ongoing chronic medical conditions are supported from their initial application through their time at college. The coordinator is able to complete risk assessments for medical condition, manage medication within professional boundaries as well as offering emergency medical treatment when required. An NHS sexual health Clinic is coordinated once a week. Both nurses are trained in providing students with C-Cards

The advisors can support students on arrange of issues from housing issues, emergency housing situations, anxiety, bereavement, mental health issues, and a whole range of welfare issues. Advisors also oversee Looked after Children (including attending PEP’s), Young Carers, Young Parents and are available to all students. The advisors coordinate Motiv8 to provide their counselling service and work with Church of the Good Shepherd to provide chaplaincy. The advisors manage the Care to learn administration with the nursery’s and Bursary application and administering payments. If students are unwell at college and wish to go home this is recorded in Health & Wellbeing.

The Health & Wellbeing Behaviour Advisor works specifically with students who have behaviour issues affecting them either in or outside of college. Students are at the centre of looking at ways to adjust and improve their behaviour.

Opening times:
8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday
8.30am-5.00pm Friday

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