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Destination 2020


To be a Leading Provider for Professional and Technical Excellence.


The College will be a community of learning underpinned by the expectation for outstanding quality of delivery and outcomes through inspirational teaching and leadership, and effective management.

All provision will have clear and embedded business and career engagement for design, delivery and destinations.

We are inclusive and provide equal opportunity for all to succeed whatever their capability and capacity for learning.

The College will be ambitious and proactive with regard to all opportunities and growth.

Strong financial performance will allow for investment.

Strategic Aims:

We will achieve outstanding student outcomes that demonstrate ambition and progression that clearly transforms lives.

High quality teaching, learning and assessment, which motivates learners and empowers them to achieve their full potential, is the goal of all staff. The development of English and Maths knowledge and skills throughout all learning is essential, alongside a consistent focus on improving students’ employability. Employers are essential and highly-valued partners for the college in achieving outstanding student outcomes and progression.

We will engage as a strategic partner with employers, responding to needs of business and contributing to our economic and cultural community.

We will focus on ensuring that the college is fit for purpose in meeting local and regional need and ensuring that certain synergies with other providers allow for a joined up approach that meets LEP needs and our own financial sustainability. In responding to needs of business and contributing to our economic and cultural community, we will be engaging employers to help transform curriculum delivery and diversify and grow income. We will ensure that we create the talent pool to secure future business growth in our local economy.

We will be financially sustainable, and invest in the delivery of our mission.

Our future success is tied to our financial sustainability. We must ensure a viable financial model with a manageable cost structure, an adequate and reliable income stream and sufficient free cash flow to invest in the future. The College will look to ensure how it best meets the needs of our stakeholders through future collaboration and strategic alliances to ensure value for money.

Our learning community have access to industry-standard facilities that create an innovative teaching and learning environment.

We understand that our learning environment is the complete physical, social and teaching context in which learning is intended to occur. We strive to engage and inspire students through enriched learning. We recognise that this mission can be supported through innovative environments that are capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining future focused.

We will be socially responsible and inclusive through pro-actively meeting the needs of all learners so they achieve and progress.

We place our students and their individual needs firmly at the centre of all we do, providing individual and tailored support that delivers successful learning outcomes. We believe that by focusing on provision of outstanding support for those encountering difficulties, actively contributing to the reduction of numbers of young people who are NEET (not in education, employment or training) and actively listening and responding to our students to meet their needs and to remove barriers to learning, the impact of South Downs College on the social and economic prosperity of our community is both meaningful and significant.

We will act as an exemplary employer that attracts and invests in a highly skilled and responsive workforce achieving a shared sense of mission.

The College will establish a performance development culture, through the implementation of a performance development framework that supports staff to ensure all objectives are aligned to the college mission and the training needs of staff are met through appropriate development opportunities and investment into staff development. The College will actively seek ways in which it can improve staff satisfaction, regularly considering and responding to staff feedback with the view to reducing turnover rates and achieving an external recognition via relevant kite mark.

We will have a differential advantage to other providers, ensuring a strong positive brand recognition reflecting high levels of stakeholder satisfaction.

We take pride in our unique blend of learning opportunities, and value our reputation within our communities of learning, business and industry. We seek to build on our strengths in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, students and customers by consistently ensuring that the South Downs College brand is synonymous with excellence, distinction and quality.

Colleague Behaviours and Values:

“I am a professional who will engage and encourage students with passion, reflect on their experience and take individual responsibility for my actions.”

“I am approachable and supportive in order to motivate and inspire. I am committed to achieving aspirational outcomes for all of our students.”

“I work with others as part of a team, sharing information and building effective working relationships, and together we take individual and collective responsibility for achieving cross-college goals.”

“I reflect on my own performance and constantly look for ways to improve, taking responsibility for my own learning and development.”

“I am flexible and open to embracing new ideas/standards to be innovative in my role and open to new challenges, sharing my experience and learning from others.”

“I am an advocate for the college and its mission.”

“I anticipate, understand and meet stakeholder needs, find innovative solutions, and ensure high customer service, responding to the ever changing needs of our community.”

“I treat others with courtesy, respect, honesty and integrity.”

“I contribute to improvements in efficiency, productivity and environmental impact and I treat college resources with the same care I would my own.”

“I accept nothing less than the best from myself and colleagues, give positive feedback and praise but also challenge poor performance and mediocrity.”

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