Aim High

What is Aim High?

Aim High is a programme that develops skills for the most committed and aspirational students. There are three pathways that can be followed:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Prestigious employment
  3. Aspiration

Each pathway provides support for students who wish to progress onto competitive, prestigious and specialist future opportunities.

Who is it for?

Aim High at South Downs College is open to all students who meet the criteria for their chosen pathway.

Academic excellence – students will have an average GCSE point score of 6.5 – 8

Prestigious employment – students may have an average GCSE point score of 6.5 – 8, or they may be recommended by any of their teachers as a result of exemplary skill in a chosen vocational area

Aspiration – students will be recommended by any of their teachers

What does it involve?

Aim High is driven by students’ aspirations. All students involved will be supported with personalised advice and guidance to enhance their CV, develop higher-level skills and help them to stand out from the crowd.

1. Academic excellence – visits to top universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group, pre-professional programmes, extended project
2. Prestigious employment – visits to specialist universities, prestigious employers and interview preparation to ensure students meet the highest standards
3. Aspiration – opportunities for coaching and mentoring, visits that support future choices and encourage ambition

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