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Science at South Downs has an extensive and well-equipped suite of laboratories.

Each lab has a data projector and internet access including WiFi.

The nine modern laboratories enable students to carry out a wide range of practical investigations, for example in Chemistry the UV spectrometer can be used in coursework projects.
The industry standard glassware and digital balances ensure accurate experimental results. There is a wide range of fossils, minerals and other geological specimens to support the teaching of A-level Geology.

Biology students benefit from up to date equipment including microscopes and colorimeters. New digital data loggers are used in Physics and all the sciences are supported by a team of well qualified and helpful technicians.

Mathematics uses six classrooms, all of which have data projection facilities.
Four are dedicated to mathematics use and include a newly refurbished maths room with individual IT access for each student.

Autograph mathematics software is available for teaching in each classroom and our students can access the software from all computers on the college network. Our licence allows for students to use the software at home which is particularly beneficial when completing coursework.

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