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As a dedicated Film and TV student, you’ll want access to the latest technologies to help you produce great work to your maximum potential.

South Downs College Media Department has gone to great lengths to equip the Film & TV Production course with equipment that meets professional standards – giving our learners the competitive edge in this quickly evolving industry.

The department includes two dedicated edit suites equipped with 34 Apple computers, optimized to handle HD image processing and graphics generation. Each computer has been set up to include Adobe CS6 and applications such as Blender, so that these industry leading software packages can be comprehensively integrated into the production workflow that we teach.

First year Film & TV Production students have exclusive use of Sony PD170 DVCAM cameras for the creation of broadcast quality video. Excellent for smaller mobile production crews that want full control over image manipulation in a ready to shoot guerrilla filmmaking format.

Our Second year learners have access to the BBC approved Canon XF series cameras, noted for shooting in the revolutionary Canon XF MPEG codec with professional 4:4:2 colour space. Suitable for all productions from HD broadcast quality television work to digital film format pieces, these versatile cameras can be used for almost any type of project.

First and second year students can also make use of our professional sound kits consisting of a range of microphone technologies including Sennheiser and Beyer Dynamic Shotgun microphones of varying directionality, Sony clip-on microphones for cleaner audio in broadcast pieces and AKG studio microphones for professional quality voice overs and ADR work.

Alongside our sound and vision equipment we also have a great range of production tools and rigging such as:

  • Tricaster Studio mixer to manage multi-camera live broadcasts.
  • Green-screen kits for chroma keying.
  • Dolly and tracks, flycam and crane system for smooth professional motion shots.
  • Studio lighting kits for interior locations.
  • Battery operated field lighting for when you’re shooting amongst the elements.

Whatever your production demands, we have the kit and training available to help your film reach it’s potential.

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