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The Animal Management Laboratories are large, bright rooms designed and built especially for teaching Animal Care and Animal Management Courses.
On the ground floor of the North West Building is Laboratory 456. This purpose built space is bright with natural sunlight and enhanced air handling and ventilation systems, and has facilities for washing and animal food preparation.

The rooms in this building have been designed to be easy to use for the care of animals as well as a practical teaching environment.

The room has plenty of workbenching, storage, animal housing and large glass vivaria built into the walls that house snakes and lizards. This room also houses Bearded Dragons, Chinchillas, Rats and Degus, and as an Animal Care student you will learn how to feed, clean out, water and care for these creatures.

There are five large Animal Care teaching rooms in the North West Building, each with electronic whiteboards and an IT teaching room with workstations connected to the College Teaching Network is available on the first floor.

Outside, a large yard has benching, aviaries and a stable as well as large grassed areas. Outside the yard itself is a clearing in the surrounding woodland that contains runs for ferrets, rabbits and chickens. There are block paved areas and a pond. Water in the yard is supplied by large rainwater storage tanks.

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