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Aspirations – Level 1

This course is designed for learners who are ready to start a course at Level 1 but would like some choice about the subject areas they will study. You may still have some support needs in English and Maths and need a foundation year in college to help you to make choices before moving on to another course at college, or pursuing other opportunities such as training or work. The course aims to give you the chance to improve basic skills, while at the same time working on general skills and knowledge in a range of work-related areas.

Entry Requirements

To join this course you will need GCSEs at grades G-F, Entry level or Level 1 qualifications. If you do not have these you can still come and talk to us about joining the course.

Course Content

At the beginning of the course you will be given a timetable that includes your choices of subject areas. To be successful you will need to attend all classes and complete the tasks you are given by your teachers.

You will study English, Mathematics, ICT, Learning & Employability, Independent Living Skills and Personal & Social Development. You will also choose from options in Art & Design, Customer Service, Childcare, Animal Care, Sport, Automotive Studies and Horticulture.

How will I be taught?

Lessons will take place in classrooms and practical areas. You will take part in varied activities to help you learn and put together your course portfolio. You will get support from your tutor and teachers to help you keep on track to complete all your coursework and to make good choices about your next steps.

How will I be assessed?

During your course your teachers will let you know how you are doing and what you need to do to improve your work. You will be given personal learning targets that will be reviewed throughout the year.

Will I need any extra equipment?

Your teacher will advise you about any appropriate kit if you take the sports option. You will need a pen for all of your classes.

What qualifications will I get?

If you attend all classes, work hard and complete all the tasks that you are given you will receive four qualifications. These are a Level 1 Diploma in Vocational Studies, a Level 1 Award in College Induction and Functional Skills qualifications in English and Mathematics.

What will it allow me to do in the future?

During your course your tutor will work with you to help you decide what you want to move on to do next. If you pass your course, have worked hard and attended regularly you may be able to move to related Level 1 or Level 2 courses at college. Alternatively, you may choose to move on to other training opportunities or apprenticeships outside college. You will be able to receive support from the college’s Advice and Guidance staff to help you plan your next move.

Course Information

This course attracts learners who come directly from school, those who may have completed courses at college already and those who had applied to higher level courses but did not achieve the required grades. Learners joining the course will be expected to work together as a team.

Students, aged over 19 on the 1 September of the year the course commences may be required to pay tuition and assessment fees depending on your personal circumstances. If you are in receipt of an income based benefits please ask about financial assistance, which may be available.

If you would like further advice or guidance please contact Reception on freephone 0800 056 0511.


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