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Adobe Photoshop Beyond Beginners

Adobe Photoshop Beyond Beginners

This course is aimed at students who have explored the basic features of Photoshop and want to move on to learn new and more complex image manipulation techniques that the software has to offer. These techniques will allow students to further enhance their photographs and build upon the skills acquired during the beginner's course.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to have completed the Adobe Photoshop Beginners course or have suitable equivalent experience of the Photoshop program.

Course Content

On this course you will cover the following topics:

Exploring the type tool – adding and manipulating text, text fx
Exploring adjustment and clipping layers
Using the shape tool to create logos and image effects
Exploring layer masks – colour, exposure, combining images
Exploring Actions to create stunning image effects – downloading, importing and creating
Portrait retouching – skin, eyes, makeup, hair
Advanced exposure and colour correction – levels, curves, channels
Photo Restoration – patch tool, picture re-builds, removing and adding people
Auto aligning photos and focus stacking – combing pictures to get the perfect shot
Creating a Magazine cover

How will I be taught?

Each topic will be introduced with relevant tuition/demonstrations/handouts – followed by tasks for practice.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed through the development of a portfolio of work.

Will I need any extra equipment?

No additional equipment or materials are required.

What qualifications will I get?

You will be awarded with a College Certificate outlining the skills you have obtained during this course.

What will it allow me to do in the future?

You will have gained sufficient skills to progress on to the Adobe Photoshop Advanced course.

Course Information

If you would like further information about the courses on offer please contact Nathan Orchard@southdowns.ac.uk or  telephone number 023 9279 7979.

This course information is accurate at the time of printing but is subject to change.


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