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AAT Fast Track Level 2 in Accounting

This fast track AAT Accounting course will prepare you for junior and entry level accounting roles. It delivers a solid foundation in finance administration, covering areas such as double entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles and use of accounting software.

Entry Requirements

Maths and English GCSE A*-C or Functional Maths and English at Level 2. However, other relevant qualifications and experience will be considered on a case by case basis and discussed at interview.

Course Content

As part of the AAT Accounting Leve 2 Fast Track course you will cover the following five modules:

  • Book keeping Controls
  • Book keeping Transactions
  • Costing
  • Using Accounting Software
  • Synoptic Assessment (working effectively in Accounting and Finance)
How will I be taught?

This course is taught in a classroom environment. Each of the five modules is covered one after another, rather than being taught simultaneously.

How will I be assessed?

There will be a computer based assessment taking place at the end of each module.

Will I need any extra equipment?

You will need to purchase books to aid your studies (the approximate cost for these is £100). You will also be required to obtain membership of the AAT in order to undertake exams, at an approximate cost of £130.

What qualifications will I get?

Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded with an AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting.

What will it allow me to do in the future?

Following on from this course you will be able to enter the Accounting profession at a junior level. You can also continue with your studies, progressing on the the Level 3 Diploma to further enhance your career potential within the fields of Accounting and Finance.

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