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A Level Mathematics

Mathematics helps you to develop clear, logical thinking and supports a wide range of other subjects from Accounts and Psychology, to Physics and Engineering. As well as being an academic subject that delights the intellect, the skills it helps develop will give you a considerable career advantage in the modern 'knowledge-based' economy. It is recognised that A Level Mathematics is a challenging course, and as a result we have a range of support procedures in place should it be required, such as small group workshops and peer mentoring.  

Entry Requirements

At least five GCSEs A*- C including Mathematics.  Due to the demands of A Level Mathematics, it is preferable to have a Grade 7-9 but we accept students with a Grade 6.  If you do achieve a 6 though, you will need to sign up for an extra six-week programme of support.

Course Content

The new linear two-year course is assessed at the end of Year 2 and contains a mixture of 2/3 Pure Mathematics, 1/6 Statistics and 1/6 Mechanics. Topics studied under each area of Mathematics are listed below:

Pure Mathematics

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Vectors, Coordinate Geometry.


Data Representation, Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Sampling.


Force, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Centre of Mass, Momentum.

How will I be taught?

Staff produce a wide range of teaching and revision materials to help all students excel in mathematics, whatever their ability. These include:

  • Sessions covering basic algebraic skills are taught to students at the start of their course in September.  The mastering of algebraic techniques is continually addressed throughout the course.
  • Internally written Additional Practice sheets which allow students to develop their skills on individual topics.
  • Packs of past papers, with detailed solutions, for exam preparation.

Homework will be given each week and returned with model answers. There will also be regular progress tests throughout the course. Our Moodle site has worked examples, class PowerPoints, video explanations and links to Integral Mathematics and MyMaths.

How will I be assessed?

All content is assessed at the end of the second year in three exams, which are each two hours long.

Will I need any extra equipment?

Text books are provided and a Casio scientific calculator is essential. These can be purchased through the college.

What qualifications will I get?

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded an A Level in Mathematics.

What will it allow me to do in the future?

The majority of students go on to university, studying a range of subjects from Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.

Further Information

All information was accurate at the time of publishing, and may be subject to change.

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